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by RICHARD CLERICI on 01/15/15

Boredom is the key to time you feel bored, realize that boredom is a message from your deepest self yearning for passion, fascination, learning, new ideas, beautiful day dreams, more and deeper self knowledge. Listen to the message of boredom and reach deep inside for newness, novelty, joy...ask yourself what have I always dreamed of doing, wondered about, searched for. What life mysteries arise in your mind and heart. Search for answers. Don't make boredom go away....use it as a key to open new doors of wonder.

Boredom is the awareness of stagnation, the lack of movement. And so movement is a good response to the feeling of boredom. Go for a walk and let your mind wander along and wonder. Stretch, jump,  dance and increase the circulation in your soul. Treat boredom like an emotion that seeks expression , that wants to be transformed into something physical and beautiful.

Be reckless for a while and yet be careful not to silence boredom with meaningless activity and entertainment. Leave your smart phone at home. It is a pacifier that puts you back to sleep while boredom is screaming....WAKE UP.

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