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Corporate Sleep Improvement

by RIck Clerici on 03/24/13

For decades the benefits of wellness programs have been recognized in the corporate world. In fact we are aware that there is a huge return on investment from smoking cessation, stress management, blood pressure clinics, weight management initiatives and fitness programs. The benefits to employees and their health along with the financial benefits to a company have been clearly quantified.

Sleep wellness and improvement is the next logical step in the corporate world of wellness and employee care. A recent piece in the January Issue of The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine reports that an employee with insomnia costs a company $3156.00 per year in lost productivity, errors, accidents and absenteeism. A 2011 study by Harvanrd University found that 23% of employees suffer from insomnia. A company with 1000 employees looses over 3 million dollars per year to insomnia.

The remainder of this equation relates to sleep and its place in the picture of total health. Modern sleep medicine has shown that sleep and the processes that take place during sleep are central to health issues from heart health, obesity and weight control to depression, anxiety and even addictions. When we improve sleep and treat sleep disorders we are adressing all other health issues in a very fundamental way.

At Clear Mind Systems we have developed sleep wellness programs that can be delivered to companies of all sizes from very small operations to large corporations with multiple sites. These programs are very affordable and model a new simplicity of delivery. The CMS programs not only educate employees with good solid information but they inspire the willingness to change and then employ "change strategies" that dramatically increase the desired outcomes.

If you woild like to find out more about a sleep wellness program for your company call us now: 781-767-5373  


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