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Facebook Try It

by RICHARD CLERICI on 03/11/15

On Faceook there is a genuine display of honest expression. This kind of day to day expression unlocks that secret guarded place in the human psyche. It helps people to find self expression and self acceptance. And expression and self acceptance are keys to good health. Whatever we express we, at least to some degree, release. Rather than allowing feelings and thoughts  to fester and ferment we express them in the virtual community. We may end up having to defend our expressions or apologize for our thoughtlessness but at least we have some impact in the world. It is these honest expressions and the feedback that we get that gives us a sense of community. And the experience of community in this electronic age has, up until now, been rare. We have often settled for feeling a kinship with others by consuming popular products, a community of consumers. Facebook provides a huge bathroom wall or bulletin board on which we find ourselves through expression and sharing. When we allow ourselves to be affected by the expressions of others we lose that sense of isolation and grow.

I would say try it. Let yourself become part of a community of people who engage in sharing ideas, events, birthdays, life passages, grief and joy.  I think you'll find yourself feeling healthier and happier.

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