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Clear Mind Systems: Services                                             
At Clear Mind Systems, we take care to provide our clients the highest quality services personalized for their unique needs. We see clients for day and evening sessions Monday through Thursday and days on Friday and Saturday by appontment only. For appointments or information please call between 9 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday.

Payment is by personal check or credit card at the time of your session. We will provide any receipts or verification that you might need for flexible spending accounts or insurance/company reimbursement.

The Goals and Issues We Work With:

Stop Smoking...Take Off Extra Weight...Learn Deep Relaxation...Improve Your Sleep...Life Coaching...Release Panic and Phobias...Comfortable Public Speaking...Fly in Comfort...Increase Confidence...Improve Sports Performance...Incease Learning and Study Habits...Discover Your Potential...Move Past Writers Block...Release Test Anxiety...Soothe Chronic Pain...Prepare for Surgery...Explore Past LIves...End Nail Biting or Bed Wetting...

                                         Telephonic Sessions
Telephonic sessions are amazingly convenient and affordable. You can have a session in the comfort and privacy of your office or home without transportation expences and the time spent commuting to our office. 

You can make a credit card payment for your session by phone.

These sessions are particularly convenient for:
Busy executives and others with time constraints
Parents with hectic childcare schedules
Clients at a great distance
Clients suffering from Agorophobia
Clients recovering from surgery or illness
Disabled clients
Clients suffering from sleep disorders who are concerned about driving

You only need to have a private room or space where you can talk freely and relax. Ear buds or earphones are helpful but not necessary. A comfortable couch, recliner or office chair helps facilitate relaxation exercises and hypnosis.

Printed support materials can be emailed and a MP3 support recording is emailed. 

Hypnosis: Personal Goals and Sessions

Hypnosis is an amazing tool that helps a person reach that place inside where the thinking mind, emotions and the physical body all converge and converse. Those places, functions and behaviors that seem so separate at times all share a place in that state of mind that we call hypnosis or hypnotic trance. Because of this, hypnotic work treats root causes and symptoms, and often makes change feel smooth, easy and natural. This is also why so many goals and issues respond so well to hypnotic work.
Some goals can be addessed very quickly, occasionally in one or two sessions. Some more complicated goals require three to six sessions or more depending on the individual and his or her needs and preferences. And there are clients who choose to keep us on board for regular coaching.

Hypnotic work is completely natural and not oriented around the use of medications. We will of course work with you on your goals if you have chosen to also utilize medication. In some instances your hypnotic work may diminish your need for medication. We always strongly encourage our clients to make any adjustments to medications only under the care of their doctor.

Support recordings      Each client recieves a support MP3 recording that they can use at home to reinforce their new changes and promote deep relaxation.
How we do business:
Except for our three session stop smoking program, all sessions are done on a session by session basis. Every person has unique needs and goals and varies in the pace at which they desire to do change-work.
Your work with us is completely personal and  private, and to insure your security we do not keep personal information about you on computer. 

This 3 session stop smoking program helps you to stop smoking, learn to release cravings, develop techniques for genuine relaxation,
and remain a non smoker for the long term. This is a fun, informative, effective and relaxing way to become a non smoker. We have helped scores of people release tobacco and smoking from their lives, and become relaxed, happy and healthy non smokers. Maybe this is why doctors, dentists, chiropractors, naturapaths and most importantly our clients have continued to refer their patients and friends to us, and they have since 1987. 
You will also recieve educational materials and a wonderful recording to reinforce your relaxation and changes at home and at work.