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Smoke Free for Life
Anyone who has been a smoker knows what it feels like to be in prison. When we smoke we become prisoners of nicotine and all of the habits that surround smoking.
Those of us who were smokers remember the way that smoking controlled our every day. When I was a smoker and had only enough money for lunch or cigarettes know the choice that I made. I knew how to deal with being hungry for the rest of the afternoon but not how to be without my "smokes".
I started studying hypnosis in 1982 and the first thing I did with that knowledge was help myself quit a 20 year smoking habit. It was one of the very best decisions that I ever made. The choice to become a non-smoker made me healthier, more confidant and more successful at reaching other important goals. I knew that if I could quit smoking, I could do anything.
In the 24 plus years that I've been practicing hypnosis I've helped thousands of other people like you and me become non-smokers. Some of them call me ten and twenty years later to tell me that they're still smoke-free.

Let's make you the next person who walks out of that smoking prison. Smoking does not need to be a life sentence.

In this 3 session quit smoking program you will learn how to control and dismiss cravings. You will learn skills for genuinely relaxing. Though you thought you used smoking to relax, over time it made you more nervous and restless. You will receive a support CD that will help you at home. You will get the personal support that you need to successfully become a non-smoker and remain a non smoker.
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