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What do experts say about our sleep improvement CD "Natural Sleep"

"Natural Sleep is the best in its category. It has been used with positive effect in the Sensory Integration" rooms in my neurobehavioral programs. I also use it personally for the occasional insomnia that often accompanies a high stress workload and lifestyle, especially while traveling, as it is a permanent track on my laptop and IPod. Highly recommended"
Robert K. Eckert, PhD, CBIST
Clinical Neuropsychologist & Neurobehavioral Consultant

These three CD's written and narrated by Clear Mind Systems for Sleep HealthCenters are available for $20 plus shipping payable by personal check. Call 508-746-6600

Our support CD's are designed to create a bridge to better sleep as you develop more effective long term sleep habits and sleep hygiene. 

Natural Sleep
...better sleep. better health. better living.
Natural Sleep is designed to support you in the process of re-establishing your natural
sleep patterns. Listening to Natural Sleep daily as you prepare for bed, along with other
healthy adjustments to your life and sleep-related behaviors, will help you improve the
amount and quality of your sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, use this product with an
insomnia treatment program.

Deep Relaxation
...for better sleep and better health.
Deep Relaxation is designed to create an experience of deep relaxation while helping the listener develop lasting stress management and relaxation skills Listen to this recording for the experience of relaxation or as a way of relaxing into sleep. Choose either male or female narration followed by natural ocean sounds to maximize your relaxation experience

Counting Cats and Kittens for a child’s sleep.
Counting Cats and Kittens is designed to help a child slow down and relax in that
last half hour leading towards sleep. The soft music, gentle female narration and the
unfolding search for kittens in a country setting creates a soothing atmosphere and
setting for sound sleep. Your child will love this quiet journey into sleep. Use this
recording along with other healthy habits like reading and storytelling.